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Live Blood Analysis Course - Applied Microscopy Training


Open to nutritionists, naturopaths and other health professionals

with a background in nutrition

For information please contact Shirah on 07877 746155
or visit www.livebloodanalysistraining.com


Next Course dates:

27th - 30th November 2017


4 days. The last afternoon of the course allows more time for microscope practise and familiarisation.


£1400, early bird option £1300 if paid in full three weeks in advance. Includes course guide and all microscopy materials and practise microscopes.


Chelsea, London. Venue details, accommodation and transport are advised upon registration.


9.30 am to 5.00 pm


To make enquiries and to book a place please phone Shirah on 07877 746155 or send an email to  You can also download the application form here.

4 - 6 students are taken on each course. 

Who are the trainers?

Brina Eidelson is a qualified naturopath and acupuncturist and has been in practice since 1996. She trained in live blood analysis with Michael Coyle of Nulife Sciences in 2002. After Michael's untimely death in 2003 she did further training with Lynne Hinton of Health House Canada, a Nulife Sciences certified trainer. In the 14 years that Brina has been using this fascinating technique within her clinical practice she's gained a wealth of experience. Live Blood Analysis is part of biological medicine and you have everything to gain by incorporating it into your own clinical work - it has to be the way that medicine goes in the future for the prevention of chronic disease. 

Shirah Mustardé has a diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition and has been running her own busy nutrition clinic, Vitalise Nutrition, for several years. Shirah trained in darkfield microscopy with Brina in 2011 and has been assisting and teaching on the course since 2013. She has built up vast clinical experience and generously shares her knowledge with the students. www.vitalise-nutrition.co.uk

Who should attend?

This seminar is open to anyone who has studied medicine, nutrition or naturopathy to a professional level. Other natural health qualifications may be accepted if there is also a background in nutrition. Experience or training in clinical practice is a requirement as it is necessary to be able to make client assessments. You will be requested to submit copies of your qualifications upon registration.  This technique is an add-on enhancement to your practice and it is not possible to use it sensibly without the required background.

What will you learn on the course?

The Applied Microscopy training course is a hands-on full training that provides you with all the skills you need to practise live and dry blood analysis and Brina and Shirah put a lot of emphasis on sharing with you their vast experience and knowledge of this subject. You will be shown how to conduct a consultation with a client using these techniques, be given protocols to draw on that complement your own knowledge base and how to write up recommendations and do follow-ups with those clients.  Web-based workshops are held from time to time to help you consolidate and further develop what you learned in this course, to support you in your practice and provide new information. 

On this four-day seminar you will learn:

  • The history and background of live blood analysis
  • To understand the underlying causes of illness and how they manifest in the blood picture
  • How to do an evaluation of live and dry blood samples and how to use it in a clinical setting
  • To understand and apply the principles of Prof. Enderlein and pleomorphism
  • To understand haematological definitions of blood constituents
  • About pH and the role it plays in health
  • About morphological changes related to nutrition and pathophysiology
  • To understand and recognise the constituents of live blood as seen under the darkfield microscope - you will study dozens of slides and videos of blood pictures, including your and your fellow students' blood pictures
  • How to analyse a dry blood sample as seen under the brightfield microscope
  • How to gather information from your clients and use it in conjunction with the analyses
  • How to take blood samples and use the microscope
  • You will be given basic nutritional guidelines and protocols for the correction of the conditions found
  • Full training manual is provided as well as information on microscopy systems
  • At the end of the course there will be a short test  and you will receive a certificate of completion of the Live Blood Analysis Course which will allow you to upgrade your insurance and to practise.

Using the microscope

Several microscopes are available on the course for practising on and you will be introduced into their functionality and use and there will be enough time for you to get to know them. The emphasis of the course is on making sure you are able to understand and interpret the blood picture and also to get to know how to use the microscope. When you purchase your own microscope the supplier should give you training in the use and care of your it. Phase contrast is not part of the training but can be discussed.

It is important to emphasise that learning to use a microscope and recognising the blood conditions involves a steep learning curve. In order to become proficient you will need to put in lots of practise with family and friends before you attempt to start seeing clients. There have been many cases of students being in too much of a hurry to start earning money from this technique, but the pressure they put themselves under ends in slight disaster. Once you have got your own microscope I recommend a period of at least six weeks of daily practise before using it in your clinic and you must attend at least one follow-up webinar in order to hone your skills. 

Read 'What to look for when choosing a Live Blood Analysis Training course'. This gives you more information and help in deciding whether this course is the right one for you.


The microscope we recommend when you're starting out on your practice is the Brunel Hemascope and there will be serveral available for you to practice on as mentioned above. This microscope is a sturdy, good, basic microscope which gives a good, clear blood picture with the 100W halogen illumination. Click on this link for more information www.brunelmicroscopes.co.uk/blood-cell.html.