Choosing a Live Blood Analysis Practitioner

The field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine is becoming a minefield for the ordinary lay person who might be seeking a different or more natural approach to their health problems. Lack of regulation and adverse reporting in the press, radio and television does not help matters. There is hardly ever any positive reporting about the wonderful treatments out there. However, I would like to set the record straight for one of the specialities, namely Live Blood Analysis (LBA), also called Live Blood Microscopy.

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Live Blood Analysis is done by a practitioner or microscopist who has had between 3 -5 days training in this technique. That seems short you might think, however the technique is intended to be studied and used by qualified nutritionists, naturopaths, doctors and the like who have had years of clinical training and practise. It is merely an add-on technique whereby the clinician can learn a lot about your health in addition to the usual examinations and allows her or him to tailor health recommendations specifically for you. It is also a technique that can be very fascinating and motivating for you, the client, because it is the only time in your life when you are able to see your own blood with an explanation from the practitioner about the condition of it. Your blood reflects what is going on in the tissue and organs and a lot can be gleaned from it.

A Live Blood Analyst should never parade themselves as a doctor, unless of course they have the appropriate qualifications. This technique is not intended to be used as a diagnostic tool in the conventional or allopathic medicine sense. We do not look for diseases in the accepted sense, we do not treat merely symptoms and we consider the health of the whole body. We are interested in the underlying causes of illness and that means we examine the health of your inner terrain. For example, if you are suffering with constant infections we do not look to see which bacteria or fungi are causing the problem so that we can kill them, unsuccessfully, but we explore your terrain to see why it is allowing pathogens to thrive in it. We therefore prescribe diets and natural remedies to clean and rebalance your terrain to get it into a healthier state in order to fight off pathogens, thereby getting rid of symptoms and making you well. However, a well-trained live blood analyst should also know when they are out of their comfort zone and to refer you to someone else or back to the medical establishment with your agreement.

You might have been recommended to try LBA by a friend who benefited from it, or you might have seen a poster etc. If you go into the internet and simply enter Live Blood Analysis, lots of websites will come up, some claiming to be the world’s best microscopist and so on. Do not believe anything at face value. You must look at their qualifications. If this person has nothing but a Live Blood Analysis or Live Cell Analysis qualification and is selling miracle remedies, that is not a good indication of clinical experience or knowledge. The technique cannot be used properly without having a good nutritional, naturopathic, medical or other clinical basis, therefore the practitioner should have a diploma or degree in one or several disciplines in natural or allopathic medicine. They should not make unrealistic claims and should express a wish to help you in your quest for better health.

I personally run training courses for live blood analysis but I do not accept potential students who do not have prior qualifications. That’s as it should be and hopefully, with properly trained practitioners we will avoid erroneous information being handed out to an unsuspecting public.

I hope that one day we will set up an association for Live Blood Analysis in the U.K. in order for us to promote good practice in this area.

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