First consultations embrace NaturopathyNutrition, Live Blood Analysis and Dry Blood Analysis, thus  providing a comprehensive view of your health. They take 1.5 hours and my recommendations follow after a few days. Prior to the consultation you will need to complete a comprehensive questionnaire which provides me with information about the issues you want to deal with, and it also saves time in the consultation. We will discuss the information you gave in the questionnaire so that I can gather more information. I’ll then do the two blood analyses and give you a brief report and some information at the end of the consultation, which will be followed with my full recommendations in due course.

Consultation price: £150 and takes 1.5 hours

* On the day of having the Live Blood Analysis you will be requested not to eat solid food for at least five hours beforehand so that we can get a clear view of the blood. You may drink plenty of water and clear teas. You can bring something with you to eat as soon as the blood sample has been taken.

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Follow-up Consultations

It is advisable to have a follow-up appointment after some time to monitor your progress and adjust the treatment programme. Usually this is required after 2 – 3 months but you may stay in touch with me by email and we can decide between us when the right time will be for a follow-up as you do need to be on the programme for a consistent length of time. 

Follow-up Consultation price: £110 and takes 1 hour.

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Staying in touch

I will always be there to support you and you may email me between consultations. We can also arrange a phone session. Staying on the programme and making changes to your lifestyle, and especially diet, can be challenging so don’t feel alone and do ask for help when you need it.

Initial emails and phone calls are included in the initial charge for up to two weeks after the recommendations are sent. After that I do need to charge for my time as follows:

£15 for 15 minutes, or £1 per minute. I will only charge you for the time used.