NUTRITION IS First and foremost on the road to better health; findING the correct diet will provide you with life-giving nutrients and the cultivation of good nutritional habits for the rest of your life.

Good nutrition is the foundation of good health. In today’s world with its plethora of convenience foods it is easy to lose one’s way and just fill up with ’empty’ foods that require the minimum of effort to prepare. The body cannot stay healthy with poor quality nutrition – it is the only body we’ve got and it deserves the best care and attention so that it will last well into a ripe old age.


You might be suffering with IBS, bloating, food intolerances, irregular bowel movements, candida or one of many other digestive issues around these days. It’s always useful to investigate because there are many reasons why we get ill and it is not always down to a ‘bad’ diet:

  • Pollution and lifestyle factors have a large part to play. Some issues cause blockages in our system because they prevent nutrients from be taken up.
  • Other issues damage our digestion so that food isn’t broken down properly.
  • The worst culprit of all is perpetual stress because it redirects our body’s processes to prioritise surviving the stress instead of digesting our food. This is a life-saving strategy by the body but it doesn’t do us any good in the long-term.

The Nutritional Aspect

During the consultation I will look at all these factors in relation to your health through talking to you, studying your questionnaire and doing a Live Blood Analysis. I’ll work out a program of supplements and healthy eating to heal and repair your system. Together we will work on the stress and lifestyle issues that are harming you. After a few days I’ll send you specific instructions and information on how to heal and improve your digestion and follow a plan that is not difficult or tedious.

Where necessary food intolerance testing can be ordered through Cambridge Nutritional Sciences. The tests involve taking a drop of blood and sending it to CNS for testing to reveal which foods might be provoking inappropriate responses from the immune system. The results of these tests is invaluable in determining which foods should be avoided to minimise the reactions and in order to allow the body to repair. Once we have dealt with the underlying causes you should be able to resume a normal diet.

See Consultations for more information and prices, and also take a look at the Client Handouts to get an idea of some of the Naturopathic and Nutritional practices I recommend.